WE Mentoring Session

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Annie Rees

I am a senior in the Public Relations program. Over the last year, I have played a substantial role in the launch of the Women in Entrepreneurship program here at BYU. I have experience in sales, social media management, and digital marketing. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and helping small businesses grow. If you are wondering what the next steps are for your business or are simply looking to get started, I am here to chat and help you!

Carolyn Connor

I am a junior in the Strategic Management Program and the marketing manager for Women in Entrepreneurship! I run a photography business specializing in weddings and branding, and have a few other business ventures as well. I have experience in business strategy, branding, online marketing strategy, social media marketing, client experience, etc. Need help brainstorming business ideas or tips on improving your current business? Let’s chat!

Samantha Horton

I am a Junior in the Marketing program. I am an active member of the WE Mentorship committee, devoted to improving the efficiency and quality of our program as well as extending our resources across and beyond campus. I have experience in branding, social media marketing, and digital marketing. I am passionate about educating people to become their own powerhouse of capability! I would love to help you take the next step in brainstorming, launching, and/or growing your business. I am so excited to be on the journey with you. Meet with me to get started!

Mikayla Cluxton

I am a pre-business student with plans for a minor in Family History. I am the President of WE and spend much of my time working on the Mentorship and Marketing Committees. I have experience with social media marketing, as well as the ideation and validation process. While I don’t have a business currently, I am an aspiring entrepreneur and have so many ideas of how to change the world! I would love to help you no matter what kind of experience you have. I am beyond excited to help you fulfill your dreams of starting and growing your business!

Jenny Mehner

Hi everyone! I am a senior studying Public Relations and have experience in social media management, writing, fundraising, and event planning/promotion. During my undergrad experience, I was apart of a campus organization that helped improve other organizations on campus. I am well-versed in meeting people and companies where they are at and helping them implement new strategies to grow their organizations. I love people and would love to meet YOU! ▯

Afton Ellis

I’m a junior in the Entrepreneurship program, and a member of the Women in Entrepreneurship mentoring committee. I’m a barber/cosmetologist and I’m currently working on my own business! I recently purchased a trolley and I’m turning it into a barbershop. That being said, I have some experience in the ideation process and taking that next step into starting a business. I’m passionate about the idea of being your own boss, and I can help you in the process of coming up with some awesome business ideas, or give you tips and answer questions about your current business. Can’t wait to meet with you!